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About us

Buy Korean products in a simple way

What is 82SHOPPING?

82 means hurry in Korean, and also 82 means country code of South Korea.

As including 82, we promise to provide fast and safe service. 

The most reliable service provider in Buying Korean products.

We provide easy, safe, and fast Korean product buying service. Need anything from Korea? You can search whatever you want through our search page. Just add items and check out. You can buy all you want without Korean ID, Korean cellphone, Korean credit card.

Even if you purchase a lot of different types with just few quantities, we will help you and you can purchase them very easily through our search page.

Just search some words you want on search page like your country online shopping mall.


How to use 82SHOPPING

da0763e7d0fc8f011f9aa48d33514841_1631763653_8463.png Step 1

Search products own your language.

da0763e7d0fc8f011f9aa48d33514841_1631763653_8463.png Step 2

Add all products you like to 82SHOPPING cart.

da0763e7d0fc8f011f9aa48d33514841_1631763653_8463.png Step 3

Check out the cart

When you have selected all the products you like, please pay. You can check the product as soon as possible.

da0763e7d0fc8f011f9aa48d33514841_1631763653_8463.png Step 4

Check the products

We will take a photo and upload it when the item arrives.

da0763e7d0fc8f011f9aa48d33514841_1631763653_8463.png Step 5

International Shipping Fee

We will guide you to the lowest rates for international shipping fee with reasonable packaging when all items have arrived.

da0763e7d0fc8f011f9aa48d33514841_1631763653_8463.png Step 6


We will send it to you so that you can receive it as soon as possible through an excellent express company.

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Company 82SHOPPING
Address 83 Gura-ro Hwawon-eup Dalsung-Gun Daegu 42942
Bussiness Number 202-05-82281
Internet Business Number 2021-대구달성-0814
Privacy Manager PARK HUNTAEK
Bank Account WOORI BANK 1005-504-236059 PARK HUNTAEK(박훈택)
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